Water Ball Contortionist

A water ball contortionist is a unique form of entertainment that can make your event stand out from all others! These beautiful and flexible artists perform their advanced acrobatic and contortionist routines while inside inflatable spheres, floating gracefully on top of water.

Waterball Contortionists

Our water sphere dancers are truly memorable as a performance artist and form of party entertainment for your guests!

A water sphere act is wonderful for any poolside or water-themed events as well as grand openings or festivals. Any size accessible pool works well with this act. EPIC’s water sphere dancers can also accommodate performances on small lakes or even adapt their routines to be performed on land!

Our water ball contortionist will generally perform for 10-12 minutes at a time around two or three times an hour, throughout your event. Regardless of the specifics, your guests will be blown away by the skill, artistry and grace displayed when our contortionist performs.

Whether you are looking to entertain a small gathering or one that will feature a crowd numbering in the thousands, EPIC is your source for Texas’ top entertainers. Contact us today if a water ball contortionist will add the perfect level of intrigue and artistic expression at your next event!

Water Sphere Act

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How long are the water ball contortionists able to perform for at one time?

Our contortionists in the sphere perform 10-12 mins at a time with breaks between sets. We perform 2-3 sets per hour depending on performance time and venue layout.

How big of a pool is needed for them to perform?

Any size pool is great for this act. Performance can also take place on small lakes or as a stand-alone act on land! (Not fit for hot tubs or the ocean.)

What type of events is this performer best suited for?

Grand openings, poolside events, corporate parties, and themed events (nautical, winter wonderland, or holidays).

Does the performer need any equipment to inflate the ball?

We will need access to a standard electrical outlet.

How much time is needed prior to performance to get ready?

We will need access to the venue no later than 45 minutes prior to the start time.



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