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You can’t go wrong with a ventriloquist show from EPIC Entertainment! For those looking for some interesting entertainment that is appropriate in any setting, look no further than these hilarious performance artists. Our talented ventriloquists have an array of dummies to choose from, including a dog puppet or fluffy magic bunny, and even a purple haired boy!

Ventriloquists are often skilled storytellers and comic actors, making them great for both children’s parties and adult events. They can perform one-on-one with their puppets (in which case they’ll probably incorporate some witty banter) but also as part of group comedy routines where everyone takes on roles like audience members or guests.

Our ventriloquists for hire can incorporate themed skits into their performances at schools or other children’s events. Some examples of themes are anti-bullying, anti-drugs and other educational performances.

Ventriloquists are a great choice for any occasion that requires entertainment. Whether you’re hosting an industry event or just looking to spice up your next party, these performers will leave everyone in attendance thrilled with their skillful performances, bringing their puppets to life!

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What types of characters does your ventriloquist use?

A dog puppet, a fluffy magic bunny, a purple-haired boy, and an old country bumpkin’ are different characters used by our ventriloquists.

Do you offer both adult and children’s ventriloquists?

These shows are for all ages. We tailor our shows to your event, so let us know the age range of your audience so we can craft the perfect performance to suit your needs.

What types of messaging or skits do your ventriloquists perform?

One of our shows follows a storyline, and messaging/skits can be incorporated into the storyline (i.e. a fun show, a school show, and the kindness show).

An alternative show is a comedy routine, and entails funny banter between the character and the ventriloquist. We can even have an audience member become a “puppet” for the ventriloquist on stage.

Can special requests be made for the ventriloquist performance?

Talking points and message content can be specially requested, and we will do our best to accommodate. The characters used for performance cannot be changed.



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