Upside Down Live Painter

One of the most impressive entertainers out there is an upside-down speed painter. Seeing one take a blank canvas and so quickly turn it into a masterpiece is mesmerizing. And it being done upside down adds a couple of surprise elements to the show. The first is simply the skill set necessary to paint anything upside down. The other is that when it is turned around, the full scale of what has been done is suddenly displayed to the audience for the first time, often resulting in gasps and astonishment.

upside down painter

When hiring a talented live painter from EPIC Entertainment, you can request something that is commonly painted, request an original work of art or have the artist do whatever feels most natural at the time. You could also have the artist paint according to your theme, providing a profoundly memorable connection to the event!

Time frame for the performance varies depending on the size and intricacy of your requested artwork. Our live speed painting performance usually lasts about 20 minutes.

EPIC provides a wide variety of entertainment, from upside down speed painters to other top-quality acts. Epic Entertainment’s owner, Taylor Griswold, has been featured on shows like NBC’s “America Got Talent” and knows exactly what it takes to deliver an excellent performance!

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Do the live painters paint set images or can we request what we want them to paint?

We can provide some common images to choose from OR work with you to accommodate unique requests!

Can your live painters cater to theme requests?

Yes, our live painter for hire is flexible to work within your theme.

How long does the live painter act take?

Usually a performance is around 20 min but can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Do we get to keep the final product/artwork?

Yes, ask us the rate to purchase the finished painting!

How much space does the live painter need?

We need around a 5’x8′ area for the live painter to perform.


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