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While many people might assume that trick roping is just showoffs for cowboys at rodeos, the skill has a rich history in Mexico. It was originally created as an act of entertainment by Mexican performers who would use their skills on stage at rodeos where they’d often jaw-drop when performing these incredible tricks with ropes!

Trick Roping

A few of the most common rope tricks that these trick ropers for hire execute are the “butterfly,” “flat loop” and “vertical loop.” Meanwhile, more complicated tricks that are often performed as well include the “merry-go-round,” “ocean wave,” “spoke jumping,” “Texas skip,” “wedding ring” and “zig-zag.”

This form of Western entertainment can fit well in several events, indoors and out, since all that is needed is a performer and some rope. They just need enough space for the rope to do its magic.

Common events that trick ropers are brought to include, of course, rodeos and Western-themed gatherings but also any type of festival and other large-scale event, especially considering that trick roping is a notable part of Texan culture.


Do note that despite many of EPIC’s trick ropers having extensive experience performing these types of tricks while incorporating animals, there will be no animals during these performances. However, this helps significantly increase the types of venues and events where they may perform.

EPIC is Texas’ leading provider of entertainment for both private and corporate settings. If you would like to secure some trick ropers for your event, contact us today, and we will ensure that this fascinating form of entertainment provides your guests with a thrill that they will long remember!

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What types of tricks do they perform?

Common rope tricks include the Flat Loop (horizontal loop with a spin), Vertical Loop (the rope loop is spun), and the Butterfly (a vertical loop passed from right to left side of the roper). Other more complicated tricks include a Merry-Go-Round, Spoke Jumping, Wedding Ring, Texas Skip, Zig-Zag, and Ocean Wave.

Are animals involved in the act/performance?

No, while our ropers have performed around animals (mostly horses and cattle) this act does not include any live animals.

What types of events are good for trick ropers?

Any large event where you want to wrangle up some guests. Trick ropers are great for rodeos, western themed events, festivals, and other large scale events!

How much space is needed for the performance?

Large, unobstructed areas are best for this performance. The ideal space would be at least 15×15’. For larger rope circle tricks the performer will require up to 20-25’ of space.


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