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String quartets and trios bring a sense of class and beautiful music to any setting. While there, they can perform some live pieces from classical composers, such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi and Wagner. They can also perform modern arrangements made famous through movies, television programs and contemporary chart songs.

Those who request a string quartet for hire from EPIC Entertainment will normally receive two violin players and musicians who play the cello and viola. A string trio for hire is the same arrangement with one less violin player. Generally, trios are better for smaller, more intimate gatherings while quartets are best for larger audiences as well as bigger, more spread-out spaces.

String quartets for hire provide a greater density of sound as well as a more thorough selection of songs. EPIC’s string quartets and trios can add special request songs to their collections if your event requires a song that may not be part of their repertoire. Please note: there will be additional rehearsal time necessary to do so, so adequate lead time is necessary. Additional fees may also apply.   

Although string musicians can add their quality artistry to numerous types of settings, they are most requested for weddings, receptions, banquets, and upscale holiday parties. A particularly special way that these musicians may be used is to play the “Bridal Chorus” at a wedding.

EPIC provides a perfect blend of top-notch entertainment with expert event planning to ensure that the shows you take advantage of, such as string quartets and trios, leave your guests pleased. Does a string quartet or trio intrigue you? Contact us today to see just how it can accentuate your gathering.

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What instruments are in a string trio/quartet?

Trio – violin, viola and cello; Quartet – typically includes 2 violins, viola and cello.

What is the difference between a quartet and a trio?

Aside from the number of instruments, the repertoire of songs and density of sound is increased moving from a trio to a quartet. While a trio is ideal for a smaller venue or crowd, the music of a quartet can cut through the noise of larger audiences.

What equipment do we need to provide for the string trio/quartet?

We request that armless chairs be provided by the venue. The musicians will always provide their own music stands. The great thing about a string trio/quartet is that they perform completely unplugged, so there’s no need for a PA system.

If outdoors, we request a gazebo or similar covered area for the performance area. However, we can work out these details based on your venue.

What kind of events do string quartets usually play for?

The most common events are weddings, banquets, upscale holiday parties, and receptions.

What kinds of music do the string quartets perform?

Most classical and modern pop arrangements are written such that a quartet can perform them. This will usually include a large selection from well known composers such as Mozart, Bach, Wagner, Beethoven and Vivaldi alongside arrangements of everything from musicals, TV & Film to contemporary chart songs.

Can the string quartets play special requests?

Absolutely! If a song isn’t already in our quartet’s repertoire, we are happy to rehearse it for your event provided there is enough lead time. Song arrangements do take time and this request would incur an additional fee to cover the band’s time creating the arrangement and rehearsing the piece.


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