steel drum band austin

If you’re looking for an exciting and explosive performance that will get everyone bobbing their heads, moving their feet, and feeling the rhythm, then look no further than EPIC Entertainment’s steel drum band!

Bring the vibrant and versatile sound of steel drums to your next event as a gentle background ambiance, a powerful, high-energy show, or a combination of the two.

Whether you’re looking to bring a little spice to a corporate event, trying to create a musical atmosphere for a private event, or just hoping to get a party jumping, our steel drum band’s beats can’t be beat.

Our performers come with years of experience and a seasoned appreciation for musical performance. They love sharing their joy with other people and have made it their life’s work to spread it wherever they go.

They have learned to effortlessly blend pleasant professionalism and carefree fun, making them an ideal performance for just about any Austin, Texas event.

EPIC Entertainment’s steel drum band performs just as well indoors as they do outdoors. They provide all of their own equipment, and can set up their performance in a relatively small space. They’re also familiar with a wide variety of songs, meaning that they can easily work with you to create the exact rhythm and “feel” you’re looking for at your next event. The band specializes in playing beautiful Caribbean steel drums with an exciting, modern groove.

We have a deep appreciation for the Austin music scene at EPIC Entertainment, and we strive to find the best musicians available from a variety of different genres. Our steel drum band truly stands out as one of the most lively and passionate musical performances here in the Music Capital of the World, and their unique flair and energy provided by our performers is sure to electrify your next event!

steel drum band austin
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Can your performers provide a set list?

Yes they can. Also, with enough notice, they can work with you to customize their performance to fit your specific needs.

How much space will the band need?

The band will need a space of at least 12 by 16 feet to perform.

What instruments are featured in the band?

The band consists of four members: a steel drummer, a guitarist, a bass guitarist and a drummer.