Mobile Reptile Show

Mobile Reptile Show

If you’ve ever wanted to experience exotic reptiles up close and personal, then this is the perfect opportunity! Our mobile reptile shows add a unique feature to your gathering and hands-on fun with these fascinating creatures.

Does your child show a fascination with cold-blooded animals? Do you have a classroom of kiddos needing an attention-grabbing, educational assembly? We have you covered from hands-on reptile birthday parties to engaging, up-close programs for students!

All of our reptile shows and displays allow guests to learn about these intriguing animals, from unique reptilian features and adaptations to protection of these beautiful creatures in their natural environment.

As long as your group consists of 40 people or fewer, we can offer interactive reptile shows where guests are able to handle several different types of animals. Conversely, if you’re planning a larger gathering with more than 40 attendees, please reach out to us so we can discuss our reptile displays.

These mobile reptile shows display a variety of live reptiles from around the world. You will interact with several different lizards, snakes and turtles such as leopard geckos, box turtles, and corn snakes (non-venomous). We only use very tame, well-adjusted and gentle animals for events. Let us know if you or your guests are particularly excited about specific reptiles!

EPIC Entertainment has been providing various types of entertainment to Texan communities for over a decade. Are you intrigued by the idea of having a reptile show be part of your next event? If so, reach out to us to book this interactive entertainment today!

Reptile Show for Birthday Parties

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What types of reptiles are included in the show?

We bring various types of snakes, turtles, and lizards such as the box turtle, corn snake, and leopard gecko! 

Can I pick the types of reptiles that are coming to my event?

We can provide a list of options, but cannot guarantee availability of every reptile. We choose the healthiest and gentlest animals for your event!

How are the animals for the mobile reptile show transported?

The reptiles are transported with care by our trained handlers and will arrive in a box or crate.

Do you have anything other than reptiles?

Yes, check out our exotic animal page for other animal options!

Will my guests be able to touch and interact with all the reptiles?

Small groups (40 or fewer) will have the opportunity to touch/handle several reptiles. Ask about our reptile displays if you have a large event where guests want to interact with the reptiles!

Do you bring in any venomous reptiles?

No, we don’t use any venomous reptiles in our presentations.

What do I need to provide for this performer?

Your performer will need a private green room, water, a meal if your event is 4 hours or longer, a 6 foot table, a tent or covered roof (if outside), and parking covered.


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