Professional Unicyclists for Hire

Professional Unicylists

Unicyclists bring fascinating athletic and dexterous elements to your event, providing wonder to many of those who are there to witness the performances! 

EPIC Entertainment’s unicyclists for hire perform a variety of stunts while balancing on their unicycles, and some can even juggling as they ride around your event! Our unicyclists can also wear attire that matches the theme of your event if requested. Please note that garnering a custom requested outfit will incur an extra charge if we do not have something in our collection that matches your request.  

If you’re considering booking a unicyclist for your next event, keep in mind that this is not a featured choreographed show. It’s an ambient, roaming act better suited to large outdoor or indoor gatherings where the artists can move around it from area-to-area. Our unicyclists for hire can participate in activities like greeting guests and taking pictures with those who want them!

Based out of Austin, EPIC provides the best entertainment that Texas has to offer. Are you considering hiring one or more unicyclists for your event? Contact us today and we’ll work to partner you with the best unicyclists in Texas, making your event one that your guests will long remember!

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Do you have male and female unicyclist performers?

We offer both. Availability depends on the event date and location. 

Does the unicyclist perform tricks?

Yes! We can perform certain stunts on our unicycle that your crowd will love. A few of our unicyclists can also juggle, but that is not common or included. 

Can their costumes be customized to match our party theme?

Absolutely! If budget allows and advanced notice is given, we can customize our costuming to suit most any request. 

How long does the unicyclist act last?

Unicycling is an ambient, roaming act. So it is not a featured choreographed show. 

Can the unicyclist roam a party or is it just a performance?

Yes, we can ride all over your venue greeting guests, posing for pics, and doing stunts.


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