Petting Zoo

Are you seeking a fun, hands-on experience for your guests? Well look no further! Our petting zoos bring a unique and delightful experience for your guests, especially if your event caters to families or nature-themed gatherings.

Our petting zoo offers a diverse range of animals that are gentle, friendly, and accustomed to human interaction. Common animals may include farm animals, like goats, sheep, and rabbits, to our exotic animals, like a fennec fox, armadillo, and chinchilla.

Our animal experts will set up a pen of the animals and allow a handful of your guests to come up at a time to learn about the animals and pet them! Our experts are well educated and certified animal handlers who will make it just as educational as they will make it exhilarating. All of the animals will be under the supervision of trained handlers. Your guests may learn about the animals’ habits, diets, and general care. The safety of our animals and your guests are our top priority. The handlers will ensure that everyone is safe and sanitary throughout the experience.

Don’t forget about the unique photo opportunities you can get during our petting zoo! We strive to ensure that this is a memory making experience for your guests, and getting an up close interaction and photo will ensure your guests will remember this event for a lifetime. Book today to explore the wonders of our animals!

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Petting Zoo FAQ

What do we need to provide for our petting zoo?

We ask that you provide a large space where our handlers can set up a pen or two. If your event is outside, we ask that you provide ample shade for the animals. Contact us today for more information!

Will the animal handlers be knowledgable?

Yes! All of our animal experts are just that – experts! They have been trained and certified to handle and teach about our farm and exotic animals.

How many kids can experience the petting zoo at a time?

This will vary depending on how large of a petting zoo you book. It can range anywhere from 5-10 kids at a time. Contact us today for more information!

Do our guests need to wash their hands during this experience?

Yes! We require that your guests wash their hands thoroughly before touching the animals and immediately after the petting zoo is over. This is to maintain sanitation and safety of the animals and your guests.

Can we request which animals we see?

You may! However, we cannot guarantee which animals will be available on the day of your event due to their own health and life factors. We can provide you with a list of what you can most likely expect.






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