Party Starter & Go-Go Dancers

Want to get your guests dancing? Our party starter dancers can help infuse energy, excitement, and a sense of celebration into your event! They specialize in interacting with the crowd, encouraging your guests to join the dance floor, deliver high-energy dance steps, and dress to your event’s theme.

Our party starter dancers actively encourage guests to get up and dance. They may teach simple dance moves, lead group dances, or create fun and interactive dance routines that involve the entire crowd. They are skilled at engaging with the audience, creating a connection that encourages even the most reserved guests to join in the dance and celebration.

Depending on the event’s theme, our dancers may tailor their dance style and costumes to match. Whether it’s a specific era, cultural theme, or holiday celebration, we will make sure they align with the overall event concept.

Some other bonuses to having parter starter and go-go dancers at your event are that they may be involved in introducing special moments during the event, such as surprise performances, flash mobs, or choreographed routines that align with key moments in the celebration. They can also collaborate with other performers or entertainers at your event, such as a band, DJ, circus performers, or other dancers, to create synergies that enhance the overall entertainment experience. They also make a great photo opportunity because they will add to your overall theme and ambience.

The primary goal of our party starter dancers is to contribute to the creation of memorable and enjoyable experiences for your guests. Their dynamic dancing and costuming leave a lasting impression and contribute to the overall success of the celebration. They are not just performers, but they are interactive entertainers who play a vital role in energizing the crowd, fostering a festive spirit, and ensuring that everyone has a great time at the event.

Party Starter & Go-Go Dancers in Austin!

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Party Starter & Go-Go Dancers FAQ

What do we need to provide for our dancers?

We ask that you provide a green room, parking, and light refreshments for your dancers. If your event is 4 hours or longer, please be prepared to provide each dancer with a meal.

What will the dancers wear?

We will provide custom costuming for your dancers to fit your event theme. Contact us today for more information!

Will our dancers need breaks?

Yes! Their break times will vary depending on your event timeline and if you have any specific needs for the dancers. Contact us today for more information!

Can they roam the crowd?

Yes! Our dancers specialize in roaming the crowd and getting guests dancing! They may also dance in a go-go style on stage if you prefer.






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