Oxygen Bar

Are you interested in adding a new hot element to your event? Well look no further! Our oxygen bar is dedicated to creating memorable party experiences that leave a lasting impression. We are committed to bringing the best oxygen bar experience to you. Our bar is not just a place to enjoy natural flavors with 90% pure oxygen, this is an attraction in itself.

Many people ask us, “What is an oxygen bar?” Well, it’s a recreational temporary bar where your guests can inhale purified and scented oxygen for a short period. The concept is based on the idea that inhaling oxygen with added aromas can provide a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, and potential health benefits.

Our bar will come with an attendant to help service your guests, an oxygen concentrator, unlimited nasal cannulas, a lit up oxygen bar display, “oxygen scent” lighted display cubes, a choice of scents, and pulse oximeter readings for entertainment. The oxygen concentrator takes in ambient air, removes nitrogen and other gasses, and delivers concentrated oxygen through a nasal cannula.

Our scents are essential oils and aromas that are added to the oxygen stream to enhance the experience; current scents you can choose from are mint, raspberry, wild berry, watermelon, citrus, and peach.

We will set up a small, temporary bar that will sit up to 6 guests at a time. The session length that a guest will experience can range anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Our attendant will be able to feel out your crowd to maximize the amount of guests that can experience the bar.

Why book an oxygen bar? Well, it has some alleged benefits, like increased energy, reduced stress, improved concentration, and headache relief. Not only does it have health benefits, but it also is a great socialization tool. Many guests who enjoy the oxygen bar treat it like an actual bar, where they can sit and socialize, and talk about this unique experience they’re having together.

Many of our guests love having a trendy and healthy alternative to the classic bar. If you fall into that category, contact us today for more details!

Oxygen Bar in Austin!

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Oxygen Bar FAQ

How does oxygen bar therapy work, and is it safe?

During the session you will breathe oxygen through a comfortable nasal cannula. It is completely safe and provides pure, high-quality oxygen without harmful additives.

What types of scents can I choose for my oxygen bar?

When choosing a scent for your oxygen session, you have the option to choose from a variety of natural flavors. To determine which fragrance is right for you, consider your personal preferences and the potential aromatherapy benefits you’re seeking. Our current scent offerings are mint, raspberry, wild berry, watermelon, citrus, and peach.

Is oxygen bar therapy suitable for all ages?

Oxygen therapy is generally safe and appropriate for all ages. However, it is a good practice to consult a healthcare professional, especially for children, pregnant women, or those with certain medical conditions.

How many people can enjoy the oxygen bar at one time?

We can have up to 6 of your guests enjoying the oxygen bar at a time. Our attendant will ensure that everyone using the oxygen bar gets to enjoy the maximum amount of time allowed, while also maintaining a short line. They will feel out the crowd and ensure each guest gets at least 5 minutes to enjoy the oxygen bar.

Is it sanitary?

Of course! We will bring an unlimited amount of nasal cannulas to your event, so that no one is reusing one.






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