To tell a story is a fantastic thing. It’s a uniquely human experience that has brought communities together throughout all of recorded history. Each and every one of us delights in a good storyteller, and few forms of storytelling are more impressive than mime.

All of EPIC Entertainment’s mimes for hire are highly trained and experienced professionals who have honed their craft through endless hours of steadfast dedication and careful practice.

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Mime is the art of performing without speaking, and it has been a timeless and adored spectacle for thousands of years. Through their unique, but always recognizable, style, mimes continues to awe and inspire spectators of every age by conveying a performance without ever making a sound. With crisp, clear, precise physical movement and finely tuned facial expressions, EPIC Entertainment’s mimes are able to bring their silent stories to life.

Our fantastic mimes provide a unique and wonderful experience for audiences of all ages. They truly shine as roaming performers, seamlessly interacting with guests to bring out comedic and enchanting moments at each and every event they visit. One of our mimes can even incorporate beat-boxing and breakdancing to create a very unique performance!

It is difficult enough to convey ideas through a spoken word, but somehow our performers manage to express remarkable and complex performances through their bodies alone.

You’ll be amazed at the range and versatility our mimes are able to express through their gestures and expressions alone.

Mimes are a fantastic choice for any event, and our performers are comfortable working indoors, outdoors, in large corporate gatherings or at small social functions. They are experts at engaging those guests who want to interact, and amazing those who would rather just watch.

You’ll be amazed at what our mimes can do with the power of movement alone. They will capture your imagination and impress your guests by turning seemingly mundane actions and props into something EPIC.

mime performers austin, tx

Hire Austin’s Most Expressive Mime Artists!

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Can your mimes wear the traditional mime face paint and outfit?

Of course! They can also wear something different, if you’d prefer – we’re very flexible.

Wow, your mimes break dance and beatbox? That’s amazing! But what if I only want them to do a classic mime performance?

No problem! Beatboxing and breakdancing are great options to put a new twist on mime, but they are by no means a necessity.


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