Mariachi Band for Hire

One of the most fun ways to liven up your event is by bringing a mariachi band to it! Mariachi music, which originated in Mexico, features an ensemble group of talented musicians who perform using a variety of instruments while alternating and sharing singing duties. Those instruments include a guitarron, vihuela, nylon-string guitar, and violins. The artists also come dressed in matching attire that aligns with this fun, Mexican tradition.

Mariachi Band for Hire

The group’s performance can also be tailored to your request and to the event they will be performing at. For example, a larger group can include an additional guitar and more trumpet players. The exact number of musicians varies event-to-event, and trios, quartets and quintets tend to be the most popular. We are glad to offer a mariachi duo for smaller, more intimate gatherings upon request.

If the event is a larger one, the mariachi band can either roam around the space, going from one group of people to another, or it can remain in a designated area.  

Our mariachi band for hire is ready to perform in various types of settings. Of course, it is perfect for Latin-focused celebrations and community events and restaurant openings, but mariachi music can fit in well at any type of gathering, particularly in the Lone Star State.

Simply put, mariachi music will bring a fun atmosphere to your gathering as attendees enjoy watching and listening to the artists perform their craft!

Whether you are looking to provide entertainment for small events or those numbering in the thousands, EPIC is your source for Texas’ top entertainers. Are you considering a mariachi band for your event? Reach out to us today, and we will help you start planning!

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What is mariachi music?

Mariachi music is a genre of Mexican music noted for its ensemble groups of exuberant performers dressed in matching attire.

What instruments are used in the performance?

Trumpets, a nylon-string guitar, violins, a vihuela and a guitarrón. All musicians will typically sing and share vocal duties, which is standard practice in traditional folk music. For larger and more show-orientated line-ups, the band will include additional guitar or trumpet players.

How many musicians come with the mariachi band?

The exact number of musicians varies, although our trios, quartets and quintets tend to be most popular for large events. We can provide a duo or trio for smaller, private events.

Does the mariachi band roam around the event?

Yes, mariachi bands can roam an event or be staged in one area, whatever works best for your event. If your event is outdoors, we ask that their performance area be shaded OR for a designated rest area if they are roaming.

Will they bring a sound system or do we need to provide one?

Mariachi musicians excel at projecting their voice for audiences. No sound system required.


How long is the mariachi performance?

Our Mariachi bands play approximately 45-minute sets with a 15-minute break. Shorter and longer performances can be accommodated. Due to the nature of the music played, it’s best to have short bursts of music with breaks to avoid exhausting the novelty of this entertainment.

What events are good for a mariachi band?

Community events, Latin-themed celebrations, restaurant openings, or any other event celebrating hispanic culture.


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