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A living statue, also known as a human statue, is one of the most captivating examples of performance art that exists. They provide a hyper realistic depiction of an actual statue except they move periodically, generally with comic or dramatic effect. We can tailor our living status to the setting and what is being requested by those looking for these human statues for hire.

The variety of living statues that EPIC Entertainment provides is extensive. These include those depicting Western themes, such as cowboys and cowgirls, in addition to traditional Greek and Roman, and metal sculptures depicting themselves as part of other historical and fictional scenes. Let us know what the theme of your event is or what your vision is, and we will bring human statues that fit your theme!

Regardless of the specifics, you can rest assured that our living statues will provide  a level of awe and astonishment at their skills as people try to figure out how still they remain.

Our human statues for hire are often part of an event in which those in attendance roam from attraction to attraction. In some cases, at the entrance to the gathering is a perfect spot, but these live statues for hire can be set up in a variety of places. Also keep in mind that they can perform for several hours.

EPIC provides Texas’ top entertainment to venues, events and gatherings throughout Central TX and the state. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about how our wildly realistic human statues can add an element of awe at your next event!

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How long do they perform?

Statue performers rotate 45 minutes on the stand and 15 minutes off to rest and do paint touch-ups. They can perform multiple hours at your event.

What themes do you have for human statues?

Western (cowboy/girl), traditional Greek/Roman sculptures, and gold/bronze statues depicting historical or popular scenes. We follow the theme of your event, so give us your idea and we will bring it to life… but stationary.

What type of event are living statues best suited for?

Living statues can enhance a wide array of events where guests will be roaming. They are perfect at the entrance to an event or as a photo opportunity for guests!

Can I request a specific theme for a human statue?

Yes, you can request a specific theme for our human statues for hire. We can’t wait to hear it!


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