Living Red Carpet for Hire

A stunning way to provide a gala feel to your event is by taking advantage of a living red carpet. This unique act serves as a fantastic photo opportunity for guests as they enter your event. Our living red carpet actress is a beautiful hostess, welcoming guests into your gathering as they get to strut down the red carpet!

Living Red Carpet For Hire

The dress and train are made of the same material, and our team will adhere it to the ground at your function. Our living red carpet works best for indoor events, but can be stationed outdoors upon special request. The train of the dress covers lengths of 25 and 50 feet, and can be stationed on a straight, level surface.

This performer is a great addition to galas, proms, banquets, corporate events, and awards shows.

Our living red carpet entertainer brings an atmosphere of prestige and class to your event. Guests will marvel at this gorgeous greeter while she “rolls out” the red carpet for them.

EPIC Entertainment is a premier source for Texas’ top entertainers, both those performing for crowds in the thousands and acts entertaining in more intimate gatherings. If you would like to hire a living red carpet hostess for your next VIP event, contact us today!

Living Red Carpet Hostess
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Can the carpet length be customized for my specific event?

We provide two carpet lengths, 25’ and 50’, based on your venue spacing. 

What types of events is the Living Red Carpet best suited for?

Our Living Red Carpet performer is great for celebrating galas, banquets, proms and other related occasions. She welcomes guests into your event, and provides a beautiful photo opportunity at the entrance of your venue!

How does the Living Red Carpet work? Is it really made of carpet?

We have fabricated this elegant illusion with a red dress and a very long train made of the same fabric. The illusion is NOT made of carpet, it is fabric. The long train of the dress is adhered to the ground prior to your event.

Is the fabric safe to walk on? Will guests trip on the fabric as it lies on the ground?

Yes, it is safe. No, they will not trip. We use red tape to secure the tightened fabric to the ground so there is no bunching, folding or sliding. The preferred surface beneath the long train is a non-slip surface (i.e. no tile or glossed wood floor).

My event is outdoors. Is this possible?

Yes, but keep in mind that in order for the tape to adhere to the ground and the fabric, it will have to be swept and/or sprayed with water prior.

How long does it take to lay down the carpet?

It takes approximately two (2) hours to secure the carpet in place.

Can the Living Red Carpet go around a corner or down stairs?

No, the “carpet” is only available in a straight shot – no stairs.

Why can’t the Living Red Carpet be used on stairs?

As the train of the dress is made of fabric (not carpet), we cannot guarantee the safety of guests as they walk down the “carpeted” stairs. Bunching, folding and sliding may occur on stairs, and therefore it is not safe.

We’re not sure the best length for our red carpet. Do we have to be exact or can we make adjustments on site?

No, you don’t have to be exact with the length. The Living Red Carpet can be adjusted within a few feet. However, exact measurements (or close) ensures the best look for your event.

Does the model in the dress need a break? How does that work?

Yes, the model needs a 15-20 minute break around every 1.5-2 hours. Based on your event schedule, we can calculate when would be the best time for her break.

The “Living Red Carpet” is a visual illusion. For her break, the model simply un-attaches herself from the long train of her dress. The long train never moves from its secure, taped-down placement. When our model returns, she attaches the train portion back to her dress.

What do I need to provide for this performer?

Your performer will need a private green room, water, a meal if your event is 4 hours or longer, a tent or covered roof (if outdoors), and parking covered.


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