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Do you and your guests love karaoke? Well have you tried live band karaoke? Live band karaoke adds an exciting twist to traditional karaoke by featuring a live band as accompaniment. Instead of singing along to a pre-recorded track, guests can take the stage with a live band as their backing music, making them feel like a real rockstar! What’s also great about a live band is they can adapt to the right tempo and dynamics for the singer to help boost their ability to sing the song well. So whether you’re a seasoned vocalist or a first-time performer, the live band can make it an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Your guests can choose songs from a pre-established list provided by the live band. The song list typically includes a diverse range of popular hits across different genres.

The live band will help encourage audience interaction, as spectators can cheer on performers, dance to the live music, and get people up to sing who normally don’t participate in karaoke.

Live band karaoke is a versatile entertainment option suitable for various events, including parties, corporate functions, weddings, and more. The live band element elevates the entertainment value and makes it a memorable experience. With a live band, participants enjoy a professional-quality sound experience. The musicians bring expertise to the performance, ensuring that the music sounds polished and enjoyable.

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Live Band Karaoke FAQ

Can we request specific songs?

Our band will provide you with a pre-approved list of songs you can choose from. If you would like to request a song that is not on that list, please contact us ahead of time so we can discuss these details further.

What kind of music will the band have on their list?

Our band will come prepared with a list of top hits across various genres.

What do I need to provide for the band?

We ask that you provide the live band with a green room, light refreshments, easy access to electricity, a large stage area to set up, and parking. If your event is 4 hours or longer, we ask that you also provide a meal for each musician.

How long can the band play for?

Each event is different, but typically our bands play 45-60 minute sets with a break in between. Contact us today for more details!

How large is the band?

We can cater the band size to fit your event needs. Contact us today to discuss further!






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