hawaiian hula dancers austin

Hawaii is one of the most enchanting and beautiful destinations on Earth, and its popularity as a vacation spot is no surprise.

The warmth and joy of the islands themselves are matched only by the people, customs and performances of America’s 50th state.

In tradition with Hawaiian culture and traditions, EPIC Entertainment is proud to present our fantastic hula performers. A true gem of Austin, Texas, our dancers bring the beauty of Hawaii to any event with their authentic dancing, singing and charms.

Our Hawaiian hula dancers are an excellent choice for both ambient entertainment and featured shows, and each performance can be customized to match the needs of your event.

Each hula performer is an experienced, professional dancer who has learned to adapt to fit the unique needs of every new event.

The show itself is customizable as well. You’ll be able to choose how many performers you’d like, whether you’d like them to get the party started as emcees, entertain guests with exciting audience participation, or all of the above! 

Packages can also include your choice of recorded or live music, and all of our shows include breathtaking, authentic Polynesian costumes.

Whether you’d like to sit back and enjoy a unique and captivating performance, or hop in a learn a few Hawaiian dance moves yourself, our hula performers are sure to be a big, colorful hit at your tropical celebration, ensuring that your occasion is one that you and your guests won’t soon forget.

hawaiian hula dancers austin
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Can your performers give out leis?

They certainly can!

Are the lessons a good option for children?

Yes, our dancers are excellent with kids and are wonderful teachers to students of all ages.

Can your dancers match different event themes?

Yes. With enough notice, our dancers can work with you to make sure that their performance is exactly what you have in mind.

How much space do your performers need?

The amount of space required depends on the type of show you would like. We’re happy to work with you to give you the right performance size for the space you have available.

I want the biggest, most fantastic show available! How many performers can I get?

Currently, we have shows featuring as many as 12 Hula dancers. We love a challenge, though. So if you want to get even bigger and crazier, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!