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One of the best ways to add some creative and fun art to your birthday party or event is by taking advantage of EPIC Entertainment’s glitter tattoo artists for hire. This is something that has proven to be especially fashionable for children while it is growing more popular for adults as well.

One of the most significant benefits of a glitter tattoo is that it lasts several days after the event has ended, providing a lasting memory and show piece! They are waterproof, so showering will not affect the tattoo for the first few days. Meanwhile, if you do want to remove it before it goes away naturally, this can be easily done with the use of rubbing alcohol.

With so many stencils and colors to choose from, our glitter tattoo artists add the perfect level of creativity for your next event! In addition, the colors used can vary considerably, adding more variety to what is offered.

Also note that if you want to spice up your glitter tattoos and add some sparkles and gems, you can book an EPIC artist to accompany the glitter tattoo artist.

Some of the most common events that our glitter tattoo artists go to include birthday parties, school celebrations, proms, anniversaries, and holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve. Other options include the opening of a business and company picnics.

EPIC provides several interactive experiences such as this one to children and adults throughout Central Texas. If you would like our glitter tattoo artists to adorn guests at your next event, reach out to us and we’ll make it happen!

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What should I expect?

Our Glitter Tattoo artist will bring their tattoo kit (glue, glitter, and rubbing alcohol) and dozens of stencils to choose from. Your guests will pick their favorite stencil from our display, and choose what colors they want from tons of options. After that, it’s glitter tattoo time!

Are glitter tattoos safe?

The tattoos are applied with FDA approved body glue and very fine glitter designed to be applied on the body. Completely safe!

How long does it take for the glitter tattoo to dry?

Seconds. The tattoo will be dried before you leave the tattoo chair. The glitter itself actually dries the glue upon contact!

Where can I put a glitter tattoo?

Anywhere but the face!

How long do the glitter tattoos last?

They typically last several days!

How can I remove the glitter tattoo?

A tattoo can be removed completely at any point in time with a bit of rubbing alcohol!

I want to spice up the tattoos a bit… what can you do for me?

Book an EPIC artist to go along with your glitter tattoo artist! They’ll add gems and sparkles to finish your tattoos with flash!

What do I need to provide for this performer?

Your artist will need a table, two chairs, tent or covered roof (if outside), water, a meal if your event is 4 hours or longer, and parking covered.


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