Exotic Animal Shows

There are few things in this world more awesome than meeting an exotic animal up close and getting the chance to experience mother nature’s majestic creations first-hand. Anyone that’s had the opportunity will remember it for years after. EPIC Entertainment’s goal with our exotic animal shows  is sharing the love of animals by educating others on just how amazing these creatures can be!

Generally, the animals that we will bring to your event include a baby kangaroo, chinchilla, fennec fox, genet, hedgehog, wallaby, cockatoos, geckos, lemurs, and a variety of other reptilian animals. However, do note that this is not a guaranteed list.

If you have specific types of animals that you’d like to include for this interactive animal show for kids, please make sure to request them in advance. We will always try our best to accommodate your requests but due to the nature of the show, we may not be able to fulfill all requests. We appreciate your understanding.


Regardless of which animals are brought for your exotic animal show, those in attendance will be allowed to carefully interact with them and be part of this interactive animal show, which is exciting for adults and kids, alike.

We’ve got the perfect group of fascinating animals for your next event! Whether it’s a private party, corporate function, or school event – we can provide an exotic species that will be sure to impress. And if you’re looking at celebrating with some childhood memories in tow? Our exotic animal show for birthday parties is just what everyone needs on their big day!

EPIC has become Texas’ leading provider of private and corporate entertainment, and our exotic animal shows are just one of the many types of experiences that it offers. If you would like to meet our exotic animals at your next event, reach out to us today!

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What types of animals are included with this exotic animal show for parties?

We have a variety of animals including lemurs, a baby kangaroo, wallaby, hedgehog, fennec fox, genet, chinchilla, cockatoos, geckos, and other reptilian animals. Not all animals are guaranteed but we do our best to make sure you have what you requested. Please ask for a specific list of available animals for your event.

Is the audience allowed to interact with the animals?

Yes, we will invite members of the audience to pet (or hold) the animals in a way that does not frighten the animals.

How much time is needed prior to the event to get the animals situated and set up?

We will arrive about 15-30 minutes early to set up. Please have a close parking space for us to load and unload animals. We will be in a Van or SUV.

For private parties, please schedule your start time at least 30 minutes before your show is scheduled to start.

What types of events is this show best suited for?

Our exotic animals are a hit for private parties, library/school programs, church programs, and corporate events. 

Hanging out with our critters is soul therapy for the young and old. Our goal is to spike interest in our animals in a calm and fun atmosphere. Learn about exotic animals without even realizing it. Some of our animals are endangered species that you may never get to see up close and actually be able to touch some of them.

What do I need to provide for this performer?

Your performer will need a private green room, water, a meal if your event is 4 hours or longer, a 6 foot table, a tent or covered roof (if outside), and parking covered.


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