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Streaming & Hybrid Game Shows for Corporate Events

Streaming event game shows have emerged as one of the hottest forms of corporate entertainment in the last few years. We’ve all grown up watching some of the greatest game shows in the world and we’ve all imagined what it would be like to be on one. Now, you can extend that game show excitement for your next event! Not only are they a unique experience, they are high-energy and budget friendly. Check out our games below and contact EPIC to plan your next event!

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Trivia Stream offers a fun way to engage your audience, and keep them that way! They’ll be able to join in with Trivia Stream’s virtual and hybrid game show options using their cell phones or laptops from your event space or from their own homes. Our game shows can be customized to your event’s theme with more than 5,000 questions (and counting).

Trivia Stream’s virtual and hybrid game show formats were created from the ground up to be energetic and captivating. With a lively host, cash prizes, amusing trivia questions, and chat room competitions, we will not only entertain but retain your audience throughout. We can also include custom questions about your campus or company, or provide themed education programs throughout the year.

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We’ll cover a subject or tell a story about a historical figure, pop culture icon, or wild event in each round. Your job is to determine whether certain parts are fact or fiction!

This game show has been developed to test your knowledge in a whole new way through story-based gameplay. Each round has a distinct theme/plot. If you feel confident, you may choose to go all-in, but be warned that our show host may try to trick you!

We’ll cover four topics during the course of our show, and we’ll stop at each one to ask you to guess whether our previous statement was true or false. You can use a computer or phone to guess using a limited number of chips. If you are uncertain, you may split your chips between true and false, or put all of your chips on either option. We double your points if you guess correctly. At the end of each round, the top three winners will win cash prizes.

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Take everything you love about playing bingo and reimagine it into a new and exciting version that’s the perfect form of entertainment for everyone from young to old! 

Our professional bingo caller and show host will deliver an exciting experience as your attendees wait for the last ball to be called and hit bingo! We also integrate some unique game play experiences!  

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Is there a prize package included?

Yes, our standard prize package is $300 in gift certificates, which we handle on our end. If you have additional, you can add to the prize total. You can also request a quote from us, and we will inscribe and send the list of winners for internal use so that you may provide your own prizes.

Can we provide our own questions?

We strive to be completely customizable, and this is why our show is like no other. We are your perfect companion for orientation, homecoming, and educational programing. We can include up to two rounds of trivia into the broadcast at no charge.

Are discounts available?

We offer per-show discounts if we are booked for two or more shows at once. Many schools have booked us for multiple shows and we end up with more than enough content for the entire year!

How many people can play at once?

For Twitch streams, we can accommodate thousands of players. For live video games, Zoom, and Facebook Live broadcasts, we can accommodate up to 1,000 players. Contact us with more information about your desired platform so we can offer more assistance.

What is a hybrid game show?

Hybrid events are the combination of virtual and live events. For the Trivia Stream game show, we would live stream the show to your campus event space – allowing students to play together in-person whilst saving you performer travel costs, lodging and insurance costs.

What are the technical needs?

Players should have a reliable wired or wifi connection when playing on desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smart device for the best gameplay experience. If using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), we advise disabling that during gameplay as that can create unnecessary lag.


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