easter bunny for hire austin

When the EPIC Entertainment Easter Bunny comes hopping into town, he always brings baskets of fun.

Our fresh, floppy-eared fuzzy friend creates fun-filled festivities wherever he frolics. Whether he’s having a hoppin’, happenin’ time showing off his dance moves at a corporate picnic, or leading an eggs-travagant Easter egg hunt, our fun bunny always shows up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Each and every Easter Bunny performer possesses a minimum of college-level mascot experience, and all of EPIC Entertainments performers are personally trained by a former UCAA national champion and NBA mascot with more than 15 years of professional costumed performance experience.

EPIC Entertainment prides itself in carrying the best mascots in Austin, Texas, and our Easter Bunny performances are no exception.

Our highly trained, professional performers can quickly adapt and fit into any situation. If you’d like to get the party hopping, you can count on our bunny. If you’d like a more gentle touch, we can meet those needs as well. Whatever your event, our Easter Bunny will step into the mood and create joyful memories that will last a lifetime.

Having an Easter Bunny at your event creates a fantastic photo opportunity, and these performances thrive at community, church, retirement home, country club and backyard party events.

The Easter Bunny is highly interactive, and can engage guests of all ages. He is a great option for kids’ events, and will strive to adjust to the comfort level of each individual child.

easter bunny for hire austin
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Will I need to provide a space for the Easter Bunny performer to change?

Our performers will need a small private area to change, and to take short water breaks. This space cannot be a bathroom.

Can I book the Easter Bunny for several hours?

Yes. Each hour, our Bunny will spend 45 minutes performing, and 15 minutes taking a water break.

Can the Easter Bunny talk?

No, he can’t talk, but he can always lend a floppy, listening ear. He also gives great hugs.

Can the Easter Bunny perform a featured show?

Our Easter Bunny cannot perform a featured stage show, however if you are interested in a truly amazing stage show that includes a mascot performer, please check out The EPIC Show.

What exactly does the Bunny do?

Our Easter Bunny will engage guests, participate in any activities you have planned, and be playful and interactive with anyone he meets. He’s also happy to pose for photos.