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A gorgeous form of theatrical art is showcased by Cyr wheel performers. These artists perform countless acrobatic and artistic movements while inside this rotating, circular sculpture. Cyr wheel performances are admired for their jaw dropping beauty and create lasting memories after they are experienced. 

cyr wheel performer for hire

Cyr wheel performances are the perfect way to keep people excited and interested throughout any event. Whether you want an atmosphere that has a WOW- factor, or a form of unique entertainment for your guests, this art form will captivate your audience with a mesmerizing display.

Children love seeing performers on these rhythmic instruments because they’ve most likely never seen anything like it!

Another aspect of these performances that impresses many is what the performers are wearing, which really fits the artistry of the show and of the moment.

Providing Cyr wheel performers for hire is not the only thing that EPIC Entertainment does. Our Austin-based organization also offers the services of numerous other entertainers for all types of events throughout Texas.

EPIC Entertainment is one of the country’s leading entertainment companies. Its founder, Taylor Griswold, has been featured on nationally televised shows, such as CBS’ “The Early Show.” If you are considering hiring our Cyr wheel performers for your event, contact us today to find out more information!

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What is Cyr Wheel?

Pronounced like the word “sear”, a cyr wheel is a large, metal ring that the performer spins, flips and twists fluidly in performing cirque-style movements.

Does this performer require a special surface for the wheel? Will the wheel damage floors?

The performance surface must be unobstructed, smooth, level, and hard (i.e. tile, wood, or similar). Other surfaces can be accommodated, though the surface will need to be approved in advance. A good test for what qualifies as smooth vs. abrasive is if you fall down on your knees, will it scrape off skin?

The performance surface must be clean and dry for the safety of the performer. This must be true at the time of the cyr Wheel performance, so if preceding acts leave debris or moisture on the surface it must be removed prior to cyr Wheel for safety reasons. Fog machines will often leave a slippery residue and/or condensation on the floor that is not noticeable for normal walking or dancing, but is particularly dangerous for cyr Wheel.

What type of events is this performer best suited for?

Perfect for private parties and corporate events, our cyr wheel performers are ideally suited to larger venues where they can display their skills of strength and grace. You could plan a cyr wheel act as a dramatic opener, ambient exhibition, or the main attraction of your event.

How much space is needed for this performer to perform?

This cyr wheel performer requires at least 20’x20’ of floor space, plus at least 9 feet of unobstructed ceiling height.


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