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Immerse your event in the authentic charm of Country & Bluegrass with our talented musicians for hire. From twangy banjo tunes to heartfelt vocals, our performers bring the heart of Americana and Texas to any occasion.

Perfect for weddings, hoedowns, and rustic celebrations, our artists create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Book now to infuse your event with the sweet sounds of the countryside, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

We have different sizes and styles of bands to fit your entertainment needs. Call us today for more information!

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Country & Bluegrass Music FAQ

How long will the band play?

Each event varies! Contact us today to see how we can best fit your event needs.

Do they play different sets?

Yes! Each band and each event is a little different, but in general they play 45-60 minute sets with a short break in between.

What size band will I get?

We are able to fit any size band to your needs, whether that is required by budget or sound quality.

Can I request specific songs?

Our musicians have a wide repertoire of music they work from, but if it is a new song for them we will discuss with you further on how we can make this possible!

Do they only play covers, or do they play originals as well?

This is Austin! All of our bands have their own original songs that they will be more than happy to play at your event. Please make sure you request whether you would like them to stick to covers or mix it up.

Do I need to provide a sound system for them?

You do not! Our bands have their own sound systems that they can bring with them. If your event is in a venue with a sound system already in place, please let us know ahead of time.

What do I need to provide for my musicians?

We ask that you provide them with a green room to store their gear and belongings in, light refreshments, a large space for them to set up in, and easy access to electricity.






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