cotton candy machine rental austin

It’s colorful. It’s sweet. It’s fun and dandy. It’s EPIC Entertainment’s cotton candy!

EPIC Entertainment brings a fully functional cotton candy machine to you with no mess, no hassle and – best of all – no clean up. Our cotton candy craftsmen and women can create colorful and tasty confections for your next occasion.

Our cotton candy comes in a variety of colors and flavors, and each of our cotton candy caterers are connoisseurs of their craft, so you’ll receive full service and a truly EPIC arrangement of delicious choices. You won’t be stuck with the same “Pink or blue?” options with EPIC Entertainment – in fact, we offer more than 17 unique flavors.

At EPIC Entertainment, we truly like to make everything, well, epic. That’s why our cotton candy catering also includes sparkles, glitter and even glow-in-the-dark options.

Of course your guests will also enjoy the friendly and professional service that we strive to bring to all of our events.

When you book a cotton candy machine, you can count on all of the flavors being fully stocked and you can rest assured that after your event, you won’t be left with a post-party mess. Clean up is quick, easy and not your responsibility. While our cotton candy professionals handle clean up, you’ll be kicking back and licking the last bits of sugary goodness off of your fingers.

Set up is also quick and easy. All we need is a table, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Cotton candy is perfect for both children and adults because – let’s be honest- who doesn’t enjoy something sweet every once in awhile? This is definitely a popular option for birthday parties or carnivals, but it’s just as popular among corporate and community functions.

cotton candy machine rental austin
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What flavors do you offer?

We offer blue raspberry, bubblegum, grape, sour razzleberry, banana, sour lemon, orange, watermelon, sour apple, pina colada, cherry, strawberry, lime, tequila, amaretto sour, brandy and mojito.

How much space do you need to set up?

There are two setups available. One is small – only 6 feet by 6 feet. The other option is a bigger set up, which can be as large as 16 by 8 feet. That’s a lot of cotton candy!

Do you offer glow-in-the-dark cotton candy?

We do! The handle is the part that glows.

Are there any allergy warnings?

Yes. Glitter (which is optional) should not be eaten by those with sensitivity to nut, gluten, egg or dairy allergies. If you have any questions about the glitter, feel free to ask.

Can you send just the candy to the event?

Yes, with a minimum order of 20 bags, we can deliver cotton candy to your event.