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High-Energy, Interactive Christian Children’s Entertainment!

Our children’s Christian events team, and Austin, Texas based Christian entertainers are excited about sharing the love of Jesus Christ through fun and meaningful entertainment. In fact, it is the No. 1 reason EPIC Entertainment was created!

We provide interactive gospel shows for kids all across Texas and throughout the U.S., specializing in Upward Sports Celebrations. Our Christian entertainers serving Austin and all of Texas offer a variety of Christian-based assembly topics.

We always do our best to work within our clients’ budgets, because we never want to turn down an opportunity to tell kids about Jesus and His amazing free gift of salvation.

You will experience a fun, high-energy show performed by our funny mascot character “Kazoo” and our motivational speaker. We combine exciting games, hilarious skits and a powerful gospel message to teach students about knowing Jesus Christ personally.

The show includes hamster ball races, our custom “Kazooka” toilet paper guns, putting a cake in the face of a church staffer, and lots more craziness.

christian entertainment austin, tx
Christian Entertainment

The show normally lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, but our Austin team of Christian entertainers can easily customize the length of the show to suit your timing needs that night as well. Your students will stay engaged with our roller coaster ride of fun. They’ll learn a lot from our clear, easy-to-understand messages.

An example of one of our gospel shows teaches these key points:

  1. God wants a personal relationship with us
  2. We messed up (sin), which separates us from God
  3. God provided an amazing solution (Jesus Christ) to pay for our mistakes
  4. We can accept God’s free gift of love, and know Him personally
  5. Now what? How do we live like Jesus and love others after we ask him into our heart?
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