Bumper Soccer Austin

Are you tired of the same old routine when it comes to games and entertainment? Get ready for the latest craze in the inflatable world! Break that routine now with Bumper Ball Soccer in Austin. This perfect new activity will have you laughing the entire time and wanting to come back for more. You won’t be able to resist the urge to get back in that bubble and knock someone down! 

This hilarious game is a four-on-four soccer match played inside of giant inflatable bumper balls, also known as Bubble Balls, that you wear over your head and torso. Bumper Ball Soccer is a full-contact sport! You can bump into your opponent or knock them down and neither of you will feel a thing. You can even do somersaults in these bumper balls.

You can play lots of games in addition to soccer when you request Bubble Soccer equipment from EPIC Entertainment. Plan a sumo wrestling contest at your next central Texas event, with two players competing to knock one another out of a designated ring.

Or have a somersault rolling race where every person must race down a hill and climb back up while flipping over the ball. It’s endless fun for kids and adults, too, and a great option for fun, Christian entertainment whether at a vacation Bible school or any of a wide range of fun parties and events!

EPIC Entertainment’s Bumper Ball Soccer is a perfect activity for your next Austin event, whether an occasion for youth groups, birthday parties, corporate team-building events or any other kind of gathering where you want to have a unique and memorable game night.

Bumper Ball Soccer is an exciting, exhilarating, hilarious form of entertainment that is sure to leave you and your friends laughing and wanting to come back for more…once you catch your breath that is!!

Learn more and schedule Bumper Ball Soccer for your next event by contacting EPIC Entertainment today!

Bumper Soccer Austin
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