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Hiring EPIC Entertainment’s breakdancers and b-boys is a great way to add some high energy entertainment at your next event. They specialize in helping liven up clubs, festivals or similar type of venues with their routines but they can also provide unexpected moments of excitement for weddings and corporate events as well!

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With roots dating back to the 70s and being wildly popular in the 80s, breakdancing performances will trigger immediate nostalgia for your guests. 

No matter where you are, our breakdancers will bring the excitement and joy of dancing to life. They love sharing their craft with others by creating memorable performances that leave audiences entertained from beginning until end!

For those who have never witnessed breakdancing up close and personal, it truly leaves a long-lasting impression as a very unique experience. 

If you are considering integrating the energy that our b-boys for hire bring to each of their performances at your event, do take into account that at least a 15-foot-by-15-foot space is best to ensure that they can perform their full set of dances.

EPIC’s breakdancers will be sure to provide top quality entertainment for your event. We specialize in providing exciting and fun performances that are tailored just how you want them.

Don’t hesitate – contact EPIC today! We can bring the party with us at no extra charge!

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How much space do your breakdancers and Bboy performers need?

Most dance floors are suitable to meet our needs. The dancers need about a 15’x15’ space or larger to best accommodate their performance. 

What type of music will be played?

Various hip-hop music and beats.

Can we choose music for the show?

Yes, please send it as soon as possible so our breakers can have a feel for it going into the set. 

How many performers are there at one time?

We recommend at least 3-4 dancers, but dancers can be booked as a pair.

How long is the performance?

Our dancers will perform off and on, breakdancing throughout the event. Primarily, they dance and hype up the audience, creating energy and excitement at your party. We can provide a featured performance upon request.

What do the performers wear?

Breakers typically wear casual, loose fitting clothing that allows them freedom of movement. For example, T-shirts, sweatpants, or track suit apparel. Let us know if you have a color scheme or outfit you want them to wear at your event.

What do I need to provide for this performer?

Your dancers will need a private green room, water, snacks (if the event is longer than three hours), and parking covered.


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