belly dancers austin tx

EPIC Entertainment is proud to present our fantastic belly dancers. Bringing the beautiful traditional costume and art of belly dancing with their own unique theatrical flair, our belly dancers are a fantastic choice for any number of events and functions.

Our dancers put on a truly mesmerizing show that is sure to delight and amaze your guests. They have taken it upon themselves to craft a truly magnificent performance, and have focused countless hours perfecting every detail of their art.

Each and every belly dancer will be adorned with iconic and timeless outfits, and all of EPIC Entertainment’s performers have mastered each and every moment and movement of their show. The result is a fantastic featured performance that can capture the full attention of any crowd.

They can perform as ambiance dancers, creating a mysterious and exotic atmosphere with their exciting dance and engaging aura.

The performances can also be carefully crafted to fit the correct theme and feel of your event. Whether you’d like an elegant and smooth spectacle or a hot and thrilling show, our performers can work with you to make that vision a reality.

Through experience and dedication, our performers have learned to dance effectively with both live and recorded music. They are able to work with any live musicians at your event, or they can bring their own carefully selected accompaniment to your event.

Our belly dancers are also able to perform with a number of props to keep each and every moment fresh and interesting.

Austin is a harbor for some of the most talented musicians and dancers in the world, and our Belly Dancers are the cream of the crop. Their experience, passion and professionalism sets them apart as some of the best dance performers in all of Texas!

belly dancers austin tx
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Do your performers offer different musical options?

Yes. Our dancers are able to customize the music they use to match the vision you have for your event.

Do your performers have multiple costume options?

Yes. Our performers have several costume options, and can work with you to decide which of their outfits will be most appropriate for your show.

The pictures on your site look quite sultry! Can the show be “toned down” for more conservative functions?

Absolutely. Let us know what to expect and we’ll make sure to accommodate it.

Can performers pose for photo ops?